What a journey this has been.  We wound up at the King Fisher Bay Marina in Demopolis, AL yesterday.  Want to know what Nick Saban doesn’t even know about?  The Red Barn Restaurant & Lounge.  Let me tell you about the Red Barn.  We had, literally, one of the best fried chicken dinners a person could have.  EAT THE ROLLS!  Fellas had what had to be a half of a pig  tenderloin.  Topless Bill trudged right through it.

I on the other hand had an amazing half of a chicken.

Poor Glenn.  And Jimmy.

We made it to Bobby’s!

We now know why they call it a fish camp.  Amazing!

We just pushed a really hard stretch today; around 100 miles.  Tomorrow is starting early.  We plan on shipping out around 4:30 am so that we have time to make the next 120 mile stretch out in nowhere.  Last time we see a person other than us is 120 miles away on a river.  Chris Farley, wish you were down here on this river with us!  Have a great night.  Check the website for more of the trip.